2021 Past Presidents' Cup, Driven by Audi Moncton

Lakeside Golf & Country Club

Past Presidents Cup – Club Entry Form

Past Presidents Cup – FINALS

The finals of the 2021 Past Presidents’ Cup will be held at the Lakeside Golf & Country on September 18 & 19, 2021.

2021 Past President’s Cup – Tournament Information Page

Club Teams

  1. Only persons holding valid full year membership in a Golf NB Category I member club shall be eligible to play on a team.  Membership shall be evidenced by a Golf NB / Golf Canada Membership card.
  2. A player may not be eligible during a particular year to play for more than one club.  A player who is a member of more than one member club should declare prior to play of the first matches which club he will play for.
  3. The club team shall consist of a captain (who may be a playing or non-playing captain) and 16 players for each particular match.  The club team does not have to consist of the same particular players for each match of the competition.
  4. Each team shall be divided into 5 handicap flights for each match as follows:
     FlightNumber of Players per FlightHandicap FactorsA26.9 and lowerB47.0 to 11.9C412.0 to 15.9D416.0 to 19.9E220.0 and +
  5. During a particular competition season, a player may not play a subsequent match in a higher handicap flight regardless if his/her handicap factor between matches has increased to make him/her eligible to play in the higher flight.  

    Exception:An exception shall be provided for a player who plays at a lower flight because there are not sufficient players with proper handicap factors at the lower flight.
  6. Each club shall have full discretion to determine its team members for a particular match.  It is recommended that where several club members wish to participate in the competition, the club use some form of competition to seed its members to play in the competition.
  7. Each Captain is responsible for submitting a full roster of team members to their opposition and Golf NB, prior to the playing of each match as directed in Appendix ‘A’ (Declaration of Captain(s) & Team(s).

Form Of Play 

  1. Each inter-club match shall consist of 8 two-man matches as follows:
     Flight# of MatchesA1B2C2D2E1
  2. The order of matches shall be by flight with the flight A match being match #1 and the flight E match being match #8.
  3. Pairings shall be determined by each captain simultaneously passing the order of his/her pairings to the other captain prior to the commencement of the match.
  4. Each two person match shall consist of 18 holes; the “front” nine shall be played four ball better ball format (See Rule 30); the “back” nine shall be played ” Pinehurst” format.

    Pinehurst Format:The partners both drive on each hole and then each plays a 2nd shot with the other’s ball.  After the 2nd shots, a choice is made regarding the ball with which the hole will be completed, playing alternate shots (See Rule 29), until the hole is completed.
  5. Each two person match within the flight shall be played “straight up” with no allowance for handicap strokes within the flight.
  6. Each hole of the match shall be worth 1 point so that each match is worth 18 points.  The winner of the hole shall be credited with one point.  A halved hole shall result in each side winning ½ a point.
  7. A team which scores 144.5 points or greater shall be the winner of the match.
  8. In the event that each team shall score 144 points, the participants in one of the 8 matches shall be selected by lot to participate in a sudden-victory playoff.  The playoff shall commence on hole #1 and be played under the four-ball format.


Click here to access the complete Past Presidents’ Cup regulations.

Note The Following:

  1. Please take special note of changes made 5.0 Format of Play.
  2. Please note that there where changes made APPENDIX ‘B’, INTERPRETATIONS particularly Notes 5 & 6.