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Try Before You Buy – Find a Demo Day and get Fit for your New Clubs

Are you thinking about buying a new set of irons, getting a new driver, fairway wood, hybrid, wedges? Make sure you try before you buy! It is the Demo Day season at golf courses so find out who is having a demo day and head over and try out some of the new 2018 clubs. Some golf courses invite a single manufacturer at a time to show their product. Other courses invite a group of companies to go head to head with each other. I enjoy those types of demo days as I can really compare all the different clubs on that day. Look for Demo Day posters at your club or look online to see what courses are hosting demo days as they are usually open to the public.

Some people feel they aren’t a good enough golfer to be fit for a set of clubs. I feel that is not true, a properly fit set of clubs will make you play better. The other important thing to remember about buying golf clubs is to be fit by a PGA of Canada Professional. Most golf courses have a fitting cart to help in the process and some have a Trackman or Flitescope that can give you the specifications of each shot you take. Golf clubs are very sophisticated and buying off the rack is not always a good idea. Things you need to take in consideration, other than what type of club are you looking to buy, are: shaft flex, shaft weight, steel or graphite shafts, loft, lie, grip size, and set make-up. Golf is a game for a lifetime and if you love the game you deserve golf clubs that are fit to your specifications. Do you buy shoes that don’t fit? No, because they hurt your feet. Well, clubs that don’t fit you hurt your golf game!