The original club house was built in April of 1923 at a cost of two thousand six hundred eighty-eight dollars and fifty cents ($2,688.50). The shares owned by the Crowley family were purchased for the Club by H.A. Carr, Secretary Treasurer at the time. The exact date or year is not known, but is believed to be in 1940 or ’41. The old farm house located on the property served as a Pro-Shop and was situated 25 – 30 feet from the present Club House. The old barn that was also located on the property was used for course machinery. Mr. Lou Brown, a Pro from England, measured the course and designed the layout of a Nine (9) Hole Golf Course.

In April of 1924 a meeting was held to form a Ladies’ Division. Elected as the first Ladies’ President was Mrs. W. S. Montgomery. The first Afternoon Tea at the Club House was held on Saturday afternoon, June 14, 1924. The first Ladies’ Championship Cup was donated by Mrs. W. S. Montgomery and was won by Mrs. W. R. Fitzmaurice. It was only in 1974 that it was suggested that a representative of the Ladies’ Club should attend the meetings of the Restigouche Country Club.

Howard Taylor, a gentleman from England, was hired as the first Pro in 1924. He remained Pro until 1949 (25 years). Mr. Taylor returned to England for a period of time during WW II. Following the war he returned and resumed his duties as Golf Pro at Restigouche.

The formal opening of the Restigouche Country Club was held on Saturday, June 7, 1924. The Men’s first Championship Cup was donated by the Club’s first President, Mr. W. W. Mowat and was won by Mr. E. B. McLatchey.

In 1979 a Canada Works Project was accepted to commence the expansion of the Restigouche Country Club to an 18 Hole Golf Course. The amount received was one hundred eighty-one thousand, one hundred twenty-eight dollars ($181,128.00). Many more projects were received since then to make our Club what it is today. In 2009 the old clubhouse was torn down and a new one was erected on the current location, safeguarding the panoramic view members and guest look forward to. The opening date of the new clubhouse is June 1, 2010.

30565 McLeods Rte. 134
Campbellton, NB
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Peak Green Fees: $40 (plus HST)