ATLANTIC ALLIED GOLF ASSOCIATIONS –During these challenging times in Atlantic Canada, golf associations have come together to pool resources and expertise to clearly define a safe path for the golf industry as we continue to navigate through the current challenges that we face. 

The Atlantic Allied Golf Associations applaud the work of our health officials, our essential workers and various Government Agencies and Health Authorities for their active roles in ensuring the continued safety of our citizens, our communities, our provinces, and our nation.

With over a year having passed since the current health crisis began and the impacts on our citizens, businesses and communities continuing, we appreciate the challenges government officials are facing when deciding on the movement of people and the operation of businesses.

With the Atlantic Canadian golf season just beginning, the Atlantic Allied Golf Associations are working closely with our golf courses and our national partners to ensure the health and safety of our facility staff and the general public.

The Atlantic Allied Golf Associations continue to respect and support the positions of the federal and provincial Governments and the Chief Medical Officers of Health and we applaud them for identifying that golf is a safe and responsible recreational opportunity for the physical and mental well-being of our citizens while ensuring financial stability for those who work in the industry.

There is a great deal of information readily available from multiple jurisdictions however specific governmental and health requirements vary from area to area. We continue to compile relevant best practices and are consulting with various provincial governments and health authorities to identify key benchmarks and health and safety guidelines. These will be distributed to our partner facilities in a timely manner once they are identified and properly vetted so that they meet the appropriate requirements from the Government of Canada, our specific provinces, and the various municipalities in our provinces.

We appreciate the specific challenges that each of our four Atlantic Provinces are facing and we will continue to work as an allied group supporting the guidelines set forth by each of the respective provincial governments and health authorities.

We will continue to work together with our partner facilities as we enter the 2021 season and ensure that golf clubs in Atlantic Canada are organized and well prepared to operate with the health and safety of players and staff members as a top priority.


Atlantic Allied Golf Associations

Lindon Garron – Executive Director, PGA Atlantic
Jim Thompson – Regional Director, Atlantic Chapter NGCOA
Jim Nix – Executive Director, Atlantic Golf Superintendents Association
Jeffrey Hutt – Regional Director, Atlantic Canada, Golf Canada
Eric Tobin – President, Atlantic Branch – Canadian Society of Club Managers
Tyson Flinn – Executive Director, Golf New Brunswick
Jason Lohnes – Executive Director, Nova Scotia Golf Association
Alison Griffin – Executive Director, Prince Edward Island Golf Association
Greg Hillier – Executive Director, Golf Newfoundland Labrador


As an Allied Group, it is important to understand that there may be situations when similar or identical releases come from multiple sources or associations. This is done in the interest of ensuring that any, and all, members / facilities of the Allied Atlantic Golf Associations receive the most current and up to date information.

The Atlantic Allied Golf Associations were formed to work on the behalf of the golf industry in Atlantic Canada while respecting each province’s specific guidelines and protocols. It is the goal of the Atlantic Allied Golf Associations to provide current up to date information as disseminated by our respective government and health authorities. In some cases, these decisions may not be in the best interest of our facilities and operations. Please note that these situations will be identified, and the Atlantic Allied Golf Associations will continue to work with our respective governments and health authorities to address any such issues in as fair a manner as possible.