How to post your golf scores

How to post your golf scores

all golf courses across Canada permitted to open, golfers are encouraged to post their scores when they tee it up this season. Posting your scores is absolutely important to maintain a consistent Handicap Index as part of the unified World Handicap System. As a safety measure under COVID-19 protocols, golfers are not permitted to use kiosks found at local clubs or pro shops until further notice to reduce social touch points.

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How do I track my stats?

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How do I delete or edit a score?

Members can edit their scores at any time but can only delete an unedited score within 24 hours from the time the score was posted. After 24 hours or if an edit has been made, only the club administrator can delete a score. Scores that are edited will be denoted by a “#” beside the score in the scoring record.

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What if the course I played isn’t found in the directory?

If the club a golfer is looking for is not listed, please notify Golf Canada at or 1.800.263.0009 x4520. All member courses in Canada will appear in the course directory. Please note that courses that are not current members in Canada do not have valid course and slope ratings and scores from these courses cannot be entered for handicap purposes.

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