Golf New Brunswick

Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is excited to share the following job opportunity:

The New Brunswick Golf Association (Golf NB) is seeking to fill the role of Administrative Manager.

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Administration Manager is responsible for ensuring members’ overall experience is positive. Responsibilities include providing support and services to the Executive Director and Executive Committee, including, but not limited to, account and file management, member club services, general office duties, and event and tournament management.

Please CLICK HERE for a full Job Posting

APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 26th, 2024 at 11:59:59 PM

Interested individuals are asked to please send a cover letter, resume, references, and salary exceptions in a PDF form via email to:

Golf NB
Executive Director – Brianna McQuillan
RE: Application for Open Position of Administrative Manager

Thank you to all that apply; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Golf Nouveau-Brunswick (Golf NB) est heureux de partager l’offre d’emploi suivante:

L’Association de golf du Nouveau-Brunswick (Golf NB) cherche à combler le poste de Gérant de l’administration.

Sous la responsabilité du directrice générale, le responsable de l’administration est chargé de veiller à ce que l’expérience globale des membres soit positive. Il est notamment chargé de fournir un soutien et des services au directeur exécutif et au comité exécutif, y compris, mais sans s’y limiter, la gestion des comptes et des dossiers, les services aux clubs membres, les tâches de bureau générales et la gestion des événements et des tournois.

Veuillez CLIQUER ICI pour consulter l’offre d’emploi complète.

Date limite de dépôt des candidatures: 26 mai 2024 à 11:59:59 PM

Les personnes intéressées sont priées d’envoyer une lettre de motivation, un curriculum vitae, des références et des exceptions salariales au format PDF par courrier électronique à l’adresse suivante:

Golf NB
Directrice Générale – Brianna McQuillan
RE: Application for Open Position of Gérant de l’administration

Nous remercions toutes les personnes qui ont posé leur candidature ; toutefois, seules les personnes sélectionnées pour un entretien seront contactées.

Philson Ltd Announced as Presenting Sponsor for Golf New Brunswick Junior Golf League


[FREDERICTON, NB] Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is excited to announce Philson Ltd as a presenting sponsor for the inaugural Golf New Brunswick Junior Golf League (JGL). This partnership marks a significant step forward in fostering the development and growth of junior golf across New Brunswick.

The Golf NB Junior Golf League is designed to provide young golfers, aged 8 to 18, with a platform to enhance their skills, boost confidence, and flourish in a competitive environment. The league aims to bridge the gap in junior golf opportunities within New Brunswick and is a vital component of Golf NB’s Junior Development Pathway.

Expressing enthusiasm for the league, Sonny Phillips of Philson Ltd stated, “Philson Ltd is pleased to support the inaugural NB Junior Golf League. This league will give the opportunity for our young golfers to develop their skills, increase their confidence, and flourish in a competitive atmosphere. I am very impressed with Golf NB’s commitment to this initiative of growing our sport in New Brunswick through junior golf, and I trust all of our member courses will encourage and help their junior golfers participate in this league.”

Brianna McQuillan, Executive Director at Golf NB, highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating, “We are very lucky to have Philson Ltd as a presenting sponsor for the Golf New Brunswick Junior Golf League. This partnership will help us with the future growth of the JGL and support clubs hosting events.”

The league aims to achieve several key goals, including encouraging young golfers to compete, increasing junior participation in events, educating parents and juniors about the competitive golf pathway, promoting competition to a broader audience of juniors, and providing resources such as rules, etiquette, and handicap education.

Golf NB welcomes junior golfers from across New Brunswick to participate in this exciting league. To be eligible, juniors must be between the ages of 8 and 18 and have a Golf Canada Membership with an updated handicap factor.

For more information about the Golf New Brunswick Junior Golf League or to explore partnership opportunities, please contact Brianna McQuillan at bmcquillan@golfnb.ca.

About Golf New Brunswick: Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is the governing body for amateur golf in New Brunswick and works to grow the game of golf by providing programs and services for the province’s golfers.

Golf New Brunswick Women’s Mid-Amateur Team Trial


Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is excited to announce an opportunity for Mid-Amateur women golfers in the province to compete and attend nationals with dedicated funding support, amidst scheduling conflicts between the Women’s Provincials and the Canadian Mid-Amateur. This initiative is part of Golf NB’s commitment to fostering pathways for all categories of golfers and ensuring equitable access to competitive opportunities

The Women’s Mid-Amateur Team Trial will take place at Hampton Golf Club, which graciously opens its doors to host this event. Golf NB extends sincere gratitude to Hampton Golf Club for their collaboration and support.

Key details of the Women’s Mid-Amateur Team Trial:

In addition to this, Golf NB has also implemented updates to the Women’s Player of the Year Guidelines, noting that anyone who attends the Canadian Mid-Amateur on behalf of Golf New Brunswick will still be eligible to play for the Player of the Year Title.

“We recognize the challenges presented by conflicting schedules, and we are committed to providing a pathway for Mid-Amateur women golfers in New Brunswick to pursue their competitive aspiration,” said Brianna McQuillan, Executive Director at Golf NB. “It was clear we needed to provide an opportunity for women to attend Nationals. This initiative shows our commitment to inclusivity and the development of competitive pathways for all golfers across our province. We will do better to ensure the conflict does not happen again.”

Important links:

Golf Genius Registration and Event Information

Women’s Player of the Year Guidelines

This event is open to female golfers who are members of a Golf Canada/Golf New Brunswick-affiliated golf club or hold a Public Player membership with Golf Canada/Golf New Brunswick.

For inquiries regarding accommodations for players with disabilities or medical conditions affecting their golfing abilities, please reach out to Golf NB directly.

Brianna McQuillan

Executive Director

Golf New Brunswick

Email: bmcquillan@golfnb.ca

About Golf New Brunswick: Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is the governing body for amateur golf in the province of New Brunswick, dedicated to promoting and developing the game of golf for all enthusiasts.


New Brunswick Junior Golf League Tees Off Inaugural Season


[FREDERICTON, NB] Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is thrilled to announce the launch of the New Brunswick Junior Golf League (JGL), a transformative initiative aimed at introducing more juniors to the joys of competitive golf while fostering skill development and sportsmanship.

The JGL is a vital component of Golf NB’s Junior Development Pathway, bridging the gap in junior golf opportunities across New Brunswick. This exciting league will feature a series of One-Day 18-hole tournaments strategically designed to encourage participation and skill growth among young golfers aged 8 to 18. Juniors must not have reached their 19th birthday before August 1st of the competition year.

Kristi Roach, Chair of Junior Development at Golf New Brunswick, emphasized the league’s significance: “The 2024 season marks the beginning of something truly special for junior golf in our province. The JGL will provide juniors with invaluable opportunities to learn, compete, and forge lasting friendships, all while experiencing the thrill of tournament play.”

Executive Director Brianna McQuillan expressed her enthusiasm for the league’s potential impact on junior golf, affirming, “This program signifies a positive step forward for junior golf in New Brunswick. We extend our gratitude to our member clubs, program partners, and all contributors for making this initiative possible.”

The JGL is open to junior boys and girls U19-U11 with a current Golf Canada/Golf New Brunswick Membership, ensuring a levelled playing field conducive to skill development and competition. Notably, the league includes a U11 division with modified tees, offering younger participants a supportive environment to explore competitive golf.

Highlights of the league’s goals include:

  1. Encouraging young golfers to compete
  2. Increasing junior participation in golf events
  3. Educating juniors and parents on the competitive golf pathway
  4. Providing essential resources and support for junior golf development

The inaugural season will feature six tournaments held at various courses across the province, commencing in June 2024. Each event will focus on promoting camaraderie, sportsmanship, and the fundamental principles of golf competition.

“We’re excited to witness the growth and enthusiasm among our junior golf community,” added Roach. “The JGL represents a pivotal moment in nurturing the future of golf in New Brunswick.”

Golf NB acknowledges the CSIA’s (Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic) support for enabling this innovative program’s launch, paving the way for expanded opportunities and sustainable growth in junior golf. Golf NB also thanks its partners to the Junior Golf League for their continuous support.

For more information about the New Brunswick Junior Golf League and to register for upcoming tournaments, visit Golf NB’s official website page.

Click here for more info on the rules and information on the League


[FREDERICTON, N.-B.] Golf Nouveau-Brunswick (Golf NB) est heureux d’annoncer le lancement de la Ligue de golf junior du Nouveau-Brunswick (LGJ), une initiative transformatrice visant à faire découvrir à un plus grand nombre de juniors les joies du golf de compétition tout en favorisant le développement des habiletés et de l’esprit sportif.

La LGJ est une composante essentielle du parcours de développement junior de Golf NB, qui vise à combler le manque d’occasions de jouer au golf pour les juniors au Nouveau-Brunswick. Cette ligue passionnante comprendra une série de tournois de 18 trous d’une journée, conçus stratégiquement pour encourager la participation et le développement des habiletés des jeunes golfeurs âgés de 8 à 18 ans. Les juniors ne doivent pas avoir atteint leur 19e anniversaire avant le 1er août de l’année de compétition.

Kristi Roach, présidente du développement junior à Golf Nouveau-Brunswick, a souligné l’importance de la ligue : “La saison 2024 marque le début de quelque chose de vraiment spécial pour le golf junior dans notre province. La LGJ offrira aux juniors des occasions inestimables d’apprendre, de participer à des compétitions et de forger des amitiés durables, tout en faisant l’expérience du plaisir de jouer en tournoi. “

La directrice générale, Brianna McQuillan, a exprimé son enthousiasme quant à l’impact potentiel de la ligue sur le golf junior, affirmant : ” Ce programme représente un pas en avant positif pour le golf junior au Nouveau-Brunswick. Nous remercions nos clubs membres, nos partenaires du programme et tous ceux qui ont contribué à rendre cette initiative possible.

La JGL est ouverte aux garçons et aux filles juniors de 19 à 11 ans titulaires d’une carte de membre de Golf Canada ou de Golf Nouveau-Brunswick, ce qui garantit des règles du jeu équitables, propices au développement des compétences et à la compétition. La ligue comprend notamment une division U11 avec des tees modifiés, offrant aux jeunes participants un environnement favorable à l’exploration du golf de compétition.

Les objectifs de la ligue sont les suivants:

La saison inaugurale comprendra six tournois organisés sur divers parcours de la province, à partir de juin 2024. Chaque événement sera axé sur la promotion de la camaraderie, de l’esprit sportif et des principes fondamentaux de la compétition de golf.

“Nous sommes ravis de constater la croissance et l’enthousiasme de notre communauté de golfeurs juniors “, a ajouté M. Roach. “Le LGJ représente un moment charnière dans le développement de l’avenir du golf au Nouveau-Brunswick.

Golf NB remercie l’Institut canadien du sport de l’Atlantique (ICSA) pour son soutien au lancement de ce programme novateur, qui ouvre la voie à des possibilités accrues et à une croissance durable du golf junior. Golf NB remercie également ses partenaires de la Ligue de golf junior pour leur soutien continu.

Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements sur la Ligue de golf junior du Nouveau-Brunswick et pour vous inscrire aux prochains tournois, visitez le site Web officiel de Golf NB.

Brianna McQuillan

Executive Director

Golf New Brunswick

Email: bmcquillan@golfnb.ca

About Golf New Brunswick:

Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is the governing body for amateur golf in New Brunswick. Dedicated to promoting participation and excellence in golf, Golf NB oversees championships, programs, and initiatives aimed at developing golf across the province.

Golf New Brunswick Announces Exciting Partnership with CaddyTrek Canada


[FREDERICTON, NB] – Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with CaddyTrek Canada, a leading provider of innovative golf technology. This partnership aims to bring exclusive benefits to Golf NB members and enhance their golfing experience across New Brunswick.

Brianna McQuillan, Executive Director of Golf NB, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “This is a great opportunity to add an additional perk to the already great Golf NB membership. I look forward to working with Dave and CaddyTrek Canada more in the future.”

As part of this exciting partnership, CaddyTrek Canada is offering special incentives to Golf NB members. The first 50 members who purchase a CaddyTrek will receive a $300 early bird discount. Additionally, ongoing discounts for 2024 Golf NB members will be $250, a complimentary $100 Accessory Kit, and free shipping. CaddyTrek Canada will contribute $75 per unit sold to Golf NB.

Dave Bolster, Director of Sales at CaddyTrek Canada, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “CaddyTrek Canada is excited to partner with Golf NB in 2024. We look forward to serving the NB golf community while supporting Golf NB in their mission to promote and grow the wonderful game of golf in New Brunswick.”

To learn more about CaddyTrek products or to make a purchase, Golf NB members are encouraged to visit the CaddyTrek Canada Facebook page or contact Dave Bolster via email at dave@bolsteramerica.net.

CaddyTrek Canada will be present at the Men’s Fourball event at the Algonquin, providing attendees with the opportunity to win exciting prizes and discover more about their offerings.

[FREDERICTON (N.-B.) – Golf Nouveau-Brunswick (Golf NB) est heureux d’annoncer un nouveau partenariat avec CaddyTrek Canada, un important fournisseur de technologies de golf novatrices. Ce partenariat vise à offrir des avantages exclusifs aux membres de Golf NB et à améliorer leur expérience de golf au Nouveau-Brunswick.

Brianna McQuillan, directrice générale de Golf NB, a exprimé son enthousiasme à l’égard de cette collaboration : ” Il s’agit d’une excellente occasion d’ajouter un avantage supplémentaire aux membres de Golf NB, qui sont déjà excellents. J’ai hâte de travailler davantage avec Dave et CaddyTrek Canada dans l’avenir.

Dans le cadre de cet excitant partenariat, CaddyTrek Canada offre des incitatifs spéciaux aux membres de Golf NB. Les 50 premiers membres qui achèteront un CaddyTrek recevront un rabais de 300 $ pour les premiers acheteurs. De plus, les membres de Golf NB de 2024 bénéficieront d’un rabais continu de 250 $, d’une trousse d’accessoires gratuite de 100 $ et de la livraison gratuite. CaddyTrek Canada versera 75 $ par unité vendue à Golf NB.

Dave Bolster, directeur des ventes chez CaddyTrek Canada, a fait part de son enthousiasme en déclarant : ” CaddyTrek Canada est très heureux de s’associer à Golf NB en 2024. Nous avons hâte de servir la communauté de golf du Nouveau-Brunswick tout en appuyant Golf NB dans sa mission de promouvoir et de faire croître le merveilleux jeu de golf au Nouveau-Brunswick. “

Pour en savoir plus sur les produits CaddyTrek ou pour faire un achat, les membres de Golf NB sont invités à visiter la page Facebook de CaddyTrek Canada ou à communiquer avec Dave Bolster par courriel à dave@bolsteramerica.net.

CaddyTrek Canada sera présent lors de l’événement Men’s Fourball au Algonquin, offrant aux participants l’opportunité de gagner des prix intéressants et d’en savoir plus sur leurs offres.


Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) is excited to share the following job opportunity

The New Brunswick Golf Association (Golf NB) is seeking a Summer Tournament Coordinator to help manage Golf NB’s Provincial Championships.

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Summer Tournament Coordinator is responsible for the logistics and preparations for all Golf NB Provincial Championships and assisting, on-site, in the execution of provincial championships.

Please CLICK HERE for a full Job Posting


Interested individuals, please forward your resume and cover letter in confidence to Golf NB Executive Director Brianna McQuillan.

Email: bmcquillan@golfnb.ca

Thank you to all that apply; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Golf NB is committed to providing a safe environment for all, especially children. All applicants will be thoroughly screened using background checks and a review process. 

Golf NB is dedicated to employment equity and fostering diversity within the workplace in order to build an inclusive workforce where all employees have the opportunity to reach their potential. 

Golf NB’s core values are “Partnerships, Communication, Inclusion, and Transparency” and while these are included in each employee’s offer of employment and employment letters, these core values are also an integral part of Golf NB’s recruitment, hiring, and annual review process.


Golf Nouveau-Brunswick (Golf NB) est heureux de vous faire part de l’offre d’emploi suivante

L’Association de golf du Nouveau-Brunswick (Golf NB) est à la recherche d’un coordonnateur ou d’une coordonnatrice / coordonnatrice de tournois d’été pour aider à gérer les championnats provinciaux de Golf NB.

Relevant du directrice exécutivele coordonnateur / coordonnatrice des tournois d’été est responsable de la logistique et des préparatifs de tous les championnats provinciaux de Golf NB et de l’aide, sur place, à l’exécution des championnats provinciaux.

Veuillez CLIQUER ICI pour consulter l’offre d’emploi complète.


Les personnes intéressées sont priées de faire parvenir leur curriculum vitae et leur lettre de motivation, en toute confidentialité, à Brianna McQuillan, directrice exécutive de Golf NB.

Courriel: bmcquillan@golfnb.ca

Nous remercions tous ceux qui ont posé leur candidature ; toutefois, seules les personnes sélectionnées pour un entretien seront contactées.

Golf NB s’engage à fournir un environnement sûr pour tous, en particulier pour les enfants. Tous les candidats feront l’objet d’une vérification approfondie de leurs antécédents et d’un processus d’examen.

Golf NB s’engage à respecter l’équité en matière d’emploi et à favoriser la diversité dans le milieu de travail afin de créer une main-d’œuvre inclusive où tous les employés ont la possibilité de réaliser leur potentiel.

Les valeurs fondamentales de Golf NB sont « les partenariats, la communication, l’inclusion et la transparence » et, bien que ces valeurs soient incluses dans l’offre d’emploi et les lettres d’emploi de chaque employé, elles font également partie intégrante du processus de recrutement, d’embauche et d’examen annuel de Golf NB.

First Tee Atlantic – Coordinator Job Posting

Title: Coordinator, First Tee – Atlantic
Reports to: Development Officer, First Tee – Atlantic
Location: Remote within New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island
Status: One Year Contract
Ideal Start Date: March 25, 2024

Golf Canada Foundation is looking for a motivated, mission driven individual with excellent organizational and communication skills to assist with the implementation of the First Tee program in Atlantic Canada.The Coordinator, First Tee – Atlantic will report directly to the Development Officer, First Tee –Atlantic and will assist with the administration and execution of the First Tee – Atlantic fundraising efforts while supporting programming growth in the region.

Full Job Posting


Golf NB is actively searching for an enthusiastic individual to serve as the Sponsorship Chair to assist the Executive Director and the President in acquiring sponsors for Golf NB and/or their events. The Sponsorship Chair should have several contacts in the business world and willing to work closely and collaboratively with the ED and the Board of Directors of Golf NB.

I am asking you as members present and past of the Board of Directors of Golf NB and you as members of Golf NB to submit any candidates for this position to me the Nominating Committee Chair at jastlenb4@gmail.com, as soon as possible. Further expectations and duties in this role will be sent to the candidates.

Thank you for your continued commitment to Golf NB.

While this is a volunteer position, any expense incurred while representing Golf NB will be reimbursed at the discretion of Golf NB Executive Director.

Golf NB est à la recherche d’une personne enthousiaste pour occuper le poste de président des commandites afin d’aider la directrice générale et le président à trouver des commanditaires pour Golf NB et/ou ses événements. La personne qui occupera le poste de président des commandites devrait avoir plusieurs contacts dans le monde des affaires et être prête à travailler en étroite collaboration avec le directeur exécutif et le conseil d’administration de Golf NB.

Je vous demande, en tant que membres actuels et passés du Conseil d’administration de Golf NB et en tant que membres de Golf NB, de me soumettre le plus tôt possible, à moi, présidente du Comité des candidatures, à l’adresse jastlenb4@gmail.com, tout candidat à ce poste. Les candidats recevront de plus amples renseignements sur les attentes et les fonctions liées à ce poste.

Je vous remercie de votre engagement continu envers Golf NB.

Bien qu’il s’agisse d’un poste bénévole, toute dépense engagée pour représenter Golf NB sera remboursée à la discrétion de la directrice générale de Golf NB.

Golf Canada announces professional athletes named to 2024 Team Canada

9 professional athletes join the previously announced 16 amateur golfers to complete Team Canada roster for upcoming season

Emerging Professional Players of the Year Award, presented by Andrew Cook announced

Golf Canada is pleased to announce the names of 19 professional athletes that will be part of the 2024 men’s and women’s Team Canada squads.

The Team Canada program supports a group of experienced amateur golfers who are on the path towards professional golf along with a group of young professional golfers who are building their careers as touring pros. Teams are selected based on results from the previous calendar year. The professional players will join the 12 women and four men previously selected to Team Canada as amateurs in the fall.

With players choosing to turn professional at different points in the season, an athlete’s involvement in the Team Canada program including financial support continues during their transition from amateur to professional golf. 

“We are proud to announce the professional athletes that will be part of Team Canada for 2024. We have now completed our full roster of professional and amateur players for the upcoming season and look forward to supporting their development and journeys to the LPGA and PGA TOUR,” said Emily Phoenix, high performance director, Golf Canada. “I would like to extend our sincere thanks to our generous donors through the Golf Canada Foundation along with our corporate partners for their support of our athletes’ development within the Team Canada program. Their continued contributions are crucial in helping more Canadians excel at the highest levels of our sport.”

The men’s professional team features 15 returning players for the upcoming season which will supplement the four amateur players selected earlier in the fall. Three-time winner in 2023, Étienne Papineau enters his seventh season on the team. Papineau earned his Korn Ferry Tour card for 2024 by finishing as the top Canadian and fourth overall in the Fortinet Cup standings on the PGA TOUR Canada (now PGA TOUR Americas). In addition, Papineau earned a T4 finish at the 2023 Pan American (Pan Am) Games in Santiago, Chile. Myles Creighton returns for a third year, having won on the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica (now PGA TOUR Americas) last June and earned his Korn Ferry Tour card for 2024 by finishing second in the season point standings. Joining them on the Korn Ferry Tour is Sudarshan Yellamaraju who earned his card after finishing T14 during the final stage of PGA TOUR Q-School last December. Stuart Macdonald and Jared du Toit will also compete on the Korn Ferry Tour this season. Macdonald was also victorious last season, winning the Commissionaires Ottawa Open in July.

The women’s professional team features returning players: Brigitte Thibault, Maddie Szeryk, Selena Costabile and Maude-Aimee Leblanc who was previously on the team in 2022. These professionals will join the 12 previously selected Team Canada members from the amateur selection process in the fall. Szeryk returns for her 10th season as a member of Team Canada. She made 22 starts on the LPGA Tour last season and re-earned her LPGA Tour membership for 2024 through the LPGA Q-Series in December. Leblanc returns for her seventh season with Team Canada. Last season, she competed on the LPGA Tour making seven starts but missed the second half of the year due to injury. Joining Szeryk and Leblanc on the LPGA is Savannah Grewal who was previously selected to Team Canada as an amateur and has turned pro following an excellent Q-school showing. Costabile enters her third season as a Team Canada member having competed on the Epson Tour last season. Thibault earned her first professional win at the Kathy Whitworth Championship last October.

Team Canada – Women

(In addition to the 12 players selected during the amateur selection process in the fall)

Brigitte Thibault25Rosemère, Que.20226
Maddie Szeryk28London, Ont.201810
Maude-Aimée Leblanc34Sherbrooke, Que.20117
Selena Costabile26Thornhill, Ont.20183

Team Canada – Men

(In addition to the four players selected during the amateur selection process in the fall)

A.J. Ewart24Coquitlam, B.C.20235
Brendan MacDougall26Calgary, Alta.20226
Chris Crisologo27Richmond, B.C.20197
Étienne Papineau27St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Que.20227
Johnny Travale23Hamilton, Ont.20235
Jared du Toit28Kimberley, B.C.20179
Jeevan Sihota19Victoria, B.C.20224
Joey Savoie29La Prairie, Que.20207
Matthew Anderson23Mississauga, Ont.20234
Max Sekulic24Rycroft, Alta.20224
Myles Creighton28Digby, N.S.20183
Noah Steele26Kingston, Ont.20215
Stuart Macdonald29Vancouver, B.C.20179
Sudarshan Yellamaraju22Mississauga, Ont.20212
Thomas Giroux24Georgetown, Ont.20222

As previously announced, the coaching staff for the men’s and women’s Team Canada squads will return in full for the 2024 season. Team Canada – Women will again be coached by Stollery Family Women’s Head Coach Salimah Mussani (Vancouver, B.C.) and Associate Coach Jennifer Greggain (Vancouver, B.C.). Team Canada – Men will be coached by Head Coach Derek Ingram (Winnipeg, Man.) and Assistant Coaches Louis Melanson (Moncton, N.B.) and Benoit Lemieux (Montréal, Que.).

For full Team Canada bios and additional information, please click here.

For the Team Canada – NextGen and Team Canada amateur squad announcement, please click here.

Golf Canada’s player development program provides individualized training and competition support to athletes on their journey to the LPGA and PGA TOUR. National team coaches work with athletes and their personal support teams to develop annual training plans and identify areas where impact can be made to help athletes improve in all areas of their game. Athletes are also supported by a comprehensive sport science team that includes mental performance, physical conditioning, and mental health supports. The players are brought together regularly for training camps where they receive support from national team coaches and sport science staff, and train with their peers. Team Canada members also receive access to a training hub in Phoenix, Ariz. where they can train and live during the winter months.

Team Canada is proudly supported by RBC, Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC), Titleist, FootJoy, Hilton, Puma, Foresight, Golf Canada Foundation and Sport Canada.


The Golf Canada Foundation is also proud to announce Savannah Grewal, Myles Creighton, and Étienne Papineau as the recipients of the Emerging Professional Players of the Year Award, presented by Andrew Cook. In 2020, Andrew Cook, a proud trustee of the Golf Canada Foundation, and past president of Golf Canada, established a $20,000 annual fund to recognize a top male and top female emerging Canadian professional golfer. Past recipients include current PGA TOUR member Taylor Pendrith, Korn Ferry Tour members Wil Bateman and Stuart Macdonald, and LPGA Tour members Maude-Aimee Leblanc and Maddie Szeryk.

“We are pleased to name Savannah, Myles and Étienne as the Emerging Professional Players of the Year,” said Martin Barnard, CEO of the Golf Canada Foundation. “The journey to the highest levels of professional golf requires significant resources, and we are incredibly grateful to Andrew Cook for his continued support.”

Grewal made her professional debut at LPGA Q-Series in December 2023 where she went on to secure full LPGA status for the 2024 season. A recent graduate of Clemson University, Grewal was first-team All-ACC for her accomplishments on the golf course and in the classroom. Grewal had a strong finish to her 2023 season, earning co-medalist honors at the Cougar Classic and tying for first at LPGA Q-school Stage I. 

Papineau and Creighton share the award following successful seasons that led both to secure Korn Ferry Tour status for the 2024 season. Creighton notched one victory on PGA TOUR Latinoamérica and finished second in the season-long points standings. Papineau secured a win on PGA TOUR Canada and finished fourth overall in the points standings.


Canada’s Henderson hopes to repeat at Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - JANUARY 18: Brooke M. Henderson of Canada walks on the eighth hole with caddie Brittany Henderson during the first round of the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club on January 18, 2024 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Brooke Henderson is eager to get back on the roller-coaster that is an LPGA Tour season.

Henderson, from Smiths Falls, Ont., will be the only Canadian in the field at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions when the LPGA Tour tees off its 2024 campaign on Thursday. The exclusive tournament has winners from the past two seasons on the top women’s circuit competing, as well as a celebrity tournament.

She qualified for it as a two-time winner in 2022 and as the 2023 Tournament of Champions’ victor, even though the rest of her year didn’t go as she had hoped.

“There’s lots of highs and lots of lows and you just have to continue to ride it out and be patient,” said Henderson at a news conference. “Starting out with a win here last year, definitely a huge high and then I did have some lows throughout the year.”

Henderson missed the cut five times last season after winning the Tournament of Champions on Jan. 22. She didn’t reach another top 10 until the Amundi Evian Championship, where she finished second on July 27.

Her performance improved from there, finishing 12th at the CME Group Tour Championship, the LPGA Tour’s season finale, on Nov. 16. She then ended the year on a high note too, finishing second with partner Corey Conners of Listowel, Ont., at the Grant Thornton Invitational, a non-sanctioned event that brings together golfers from the LPGA Tour and the men’s PGA Tour.

“I feel like near the end of the season, I was starting to climb my way back up,” said Henderson, who finished last season 15th on the Race to CME Globe standings and starts the season ranked No. 13 on the Rolex Rankings. “I just started to see a lot of positives near the end of the season so I tried to continue that on through the off-season.

“I’m excited to be playing here this week, playing next week as well (at the LPGA Drive On Championship), couple weeks off and go to Asia, which I always really look forward to playing those events over there.”

Henderson has fresh start in her bag too, having worked in an entirely new set of clubs over the past few months. The 26-year-old replaced her irons in the fall, then switched out her fairway woods, driver, and putter.

She’s particularly excited about her new Qi10 driver, which she first tried during a photo shoot for TaylorMade.

“I had to use it that day for some photos and I used it on the range and I was like, ‘Wow, I love this!’ so it went immediately into my bag,” said Henderson, who noted that its added power was a boon since the LPGA Tour shrunk the maximum length of drivers from 48 inches to 46 two years ago.

“(The new driver) has been such a great change. I’ve gained a little bit of distance and I feel like I’m hitting it a lot straighter, which gives me a lot of confidence moving forward.”

Henderson said that she loves the Tournament of Champions because the smaller, elite 35-player field and celebrity tourney gives it a different feel from the typical LPGA Tour event.

“This is a great way to start out the year,” said Henderson. “It’s an amazing atmosphere, it’s really fun.

There’s concerts three nights of the week, big parties, and it’s just a little bit more chill. it’s great vibes.”