Best Practices for Golfers during COVID-19

Top 10 Guidelines & Best Practices For Golfers

Developed in collaboration with the Atlantic Allied Golf Associations

The following are guidelines and recommendations only. Protocols and service levels will differ by golf course and golfers should ALWAYS defer to the instructions and guidelines as set forth by the golf course. 

1 Physical Distancing – Practice physical distancing by staying a minimum of two (2) meters away from other people AT ALL TIMES Do not shake hands or high five to celebrate, a tip of the cap will do. MANDATED by Province of NB
2 All players must have a tee time – No walk-on players will be permitted. RECOMMENDED
3 Pre-Pay Where Possible
  • Make every effort to Pre-Pay for rounds of golf and power carts
  • Cash cannot be accepted
4 Arrive at the golf course no earlier then 20 minutes prior to you tee time
  • If you are early, wait in your car until it is time to make your way to the 1st tee or clubhouse.
  • Change shoes and prepare equipment in the parking lot before moving to the 1st tee or clubhouse.
5 Follow golf club signage – Obey all directives from course staff and volunteers RECOMMENDED
6 Practice Facilities
  • Driving Range – Only use the club to touch the golf ball
    • DO NOT touch the golf ball & DO NOT tee up the golf ball
  • Putting & Chipping Greens – Maintain Physical Distancing
    • ONLY touch your own equipment
7 Power Carts – Limit of one person per golf cart AT ALL TIMES
  • The person who rents the power cart is the ONLY person who can be on / use the cart for the duration of the round
Note: Exemptions to the above apply if occupants reside in the same household and bubble families and friends.  Be advised, each club will have their own policies surrounding whether members of “bubble families and friends”  can share a power cart or not.  Golfers should ALWAYS defer to the instructions and guidelines as set forth by the golf course.
8 Maintain physical distance & Pace of Play Keep NO LESS than ½ of a hole between your group, the group ahead, and the group behind to avoid backups on tees or around greens. RECOMMENDED
9 DO NOT TOUCH on course items such as;
  • The Flag Stick / Pin MUST remain in the hole (Mandate)
  • Rakes & Ball Washers MUST not be used (Mandate)
    • Smooth bunkers with your foot
    • Bring your own towel to clean your golf ball
  • Benches, shoe scrapers, club cleaners, sand buckets, broken or discarded tees
10  After your round – Return Power Carts Promptly as instructed
  • Leave the Golf Course as promptly and safely as possible