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2023 Rules of Golf publications now available for purchase

ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND - JULY 17: A detail view of a Rules of Golf textbook during Day Four of The 150th Open at St Andrews Old Course on July 17, 2022 in St Andrews, Scotland. (Photo by Tom Shaw/R&A/R&A via Getty Images)

The updated version of the Rules of Golf came into effect January 1st and to complement the rollout, golf’s governing bodies have published two important publications to communicate the updates.

These two publications cover the rules of golf and provide helpful insights for those involved in the game.

The Rules of Golf is the primary publication for officials and the main resource for players, golf club committees and referees. It covers the rules and includes updates and amendments from the 2019 edition.

The second publication, The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf 2023, provides context and sample scenarios for the rules, as well as clarifications and procedures for committees to follow. The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf essentially acts as a guidebook. Committees and officials will find information on the Rules, its clarifications, and any appropriate supporting procedures. It will act as a vital resource document intended as a supplementary publication for golf administrators, referees, officials and players.

“The 2023 Rules have a focus on making the rules easier to understand and more accessible with an emphasis on inclusion and sustainability,” said Mary Beth McKenna, Golf Canada’s Director of Amateur Championships and Rules. “The use of gender-neutral terms and the inclusion of Rule 25: Modifications for Players with Disabilities shows the games efforts on welcoming golfers of all abilities and demographics. Equally, there has been a reduction in the number of publications printed, encouraging casual golfers to utilize the Rules of Golf online or through the R&A app.”

Where to purchase them?

Golf Canada is the authorized distributor for The Rules of Golf Publications in Canada.

You will be able to access digital copies of both publications here.

The Rules of Golf and The Official Guide to Golf can also be purchased online using the links below;



Golf Canada provides both publications in English and French.

Note; The printed publications of the Rules of Golf and Official Guide are intended for golf administrators, referees and officials and rules enthusiasts.

In an effort to be more sustainable, please consider accessing the Rules of Golf for free through digital channels either on, by visiting or Full updates to the official Rules of Golf digital applications are available now.