Team Guidelines

Team Guidelines

General Policy re: Selection of NB Men's & Women's Amateur, Men's Mid-Amateur, Boys & Girls Junior & Men's & Women's Senior Teams.

Role of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee, acting on the recommendation of its respective portfolio chair, shall select and invite qualified golfers to represent the NBGA and the Province of New Brunswick at:

National Championships sanctioned and administered by Golf Canada including the Canadian Men's Amateur Championship, the Royale Cup Canadian Women's Amateur Championship, the Canadian Men's Mid-Amateur Championship, the Canadian Men's Senior Championship, the Royale Cup Canadian Women's Senior Championship, the Royale Cup Canadian Junior Girls Championship, and the Canadian Junior Boys Championship; and

Such other competitions as the Executive Committee shall determine.

2. Selection Criteria - NB Provincial Teams:

A) Membership: Golfers Must:

In the particular year, be a member in good standing of a member club in the NBGA;

In the particular year, comply with the rules and regulations (including rules of residency and citizenship) established by the RCGA or other golf body sanctioning the competition for which the team is being selected; and

Be an amateur golfer (refer to the Rules of Amateur Status).

B) Playing Qualification:

Subject to subparagraph c, the primary basis of team selection will be determined by the player's competitive results in those events designated annually by the Executive Committee. Generally these events are events administered by the NBGA; provided that in a given year and in extreme circumstances, the Executive Committee may designate other selected events to determine a player's competitive results. The Executive committee will publish the playing qualification standards in the Player's Tournament Handbooks.

C) Conduct Unbecoming a Golfer

Selection to an NBGA team is intended to be an honor given to golfers who have distinguished themselves through playing qualifications and otherwise have established themselves as players who represent the integrity of the game of golf. The Executive Committee reserves the right in situations where a golfer has otherwise qualified for team selection on the basis of his/her competitive playing results, to not select that person if that person has in some way been guilty of conduct unbecoming a golfer. For such purposes "conduct unbecoming a golfer" includes breaches of golf etiquette, improper on course conduct, disrespect for fellow competitors, officials and volunteers and the failure to adhere to team member regulations as established by the NBGA.

3. Financial Commitment

Players will be expected to assume responsibility for some, or all, of the expenses incurred as a result of representing the NBGA at any National, or regional, Championships, as well as any, and all, registration fees that may be put in place by the host committee.