Atlantic Golf Championships

NB Team Selection Guidelines

Player Selection Policy

Player exemptions for the Atlantic Golf Championships will be determined by using the final Player of the Year Points standings as accumulated in the year preceding the championships.  

For example, the Ladies Amateur, Senior & Super Senior selections in 2016 will be determined based on the final POY points from 2015.

General Information & Guidelines

1)     Divisions

The Atlantic Golf Championships is made up of 20 player teams, from each Atlantic province, equally distributed between men and women and spread out over eight (8) age defined divisions.  The age definitions for each division are as follows;


Years of Age

Amateur Male

0 to 39

Amateur Female

0 to 39

Mid-Master Male

40 to 54

Mid-Master Female

40 to 49

Senior Male

55 to 69

Senior Female

50 to 64

Super Senior Male


Super Senior Female


2)   Player Eligibility 
As divisions are age specific, players will only be eligible to participate in the division for which they are age appropriate. 

Should Golf NB be unable to fill a given division with age appropriate athletes, then athletes from an older age division may be considered in order to fill an available position(s).

3)   Points will be awarded to Mid Master Participants

To the best of its ability Golf NB will identify those who qualify for the “Mid-Master” divisions in both the Men’s and Ladies categories.  Golf NB will maintain a separate POY standing for the Men’s Mid-Master division for the purpose of identifying exemptions for the Atlantic Golf Championships. 

As Golf NB does not have access to the personal information of all participants, it is the responsibility of the player to inform Golf NB staff should their name be omitted from the list of “Mid-Master Competitors”.

4)   Points tracking for Atlantic Golf Championships
Golf NB will establish, and publicize on its website, a separate Atlantic Golf Championships Points list so that players may stay up to date with the point standings as they go through the process. 

5)   Alterations to the Selection Process
Golf NB reserves the right to change or alter the selection criteria as required due to changes to event structure, date changes or other unexpected circumstances. 

Any changes to the selection criteria will be publicized on the Golf NB website.

6)   Confirmation Deadline 
In order to expedite the selection process, players will be asked to confirm their interest in representing New Brunswick at the Atlantic Golf Championships upon registration for Golf NB Provincial Championships.  Players who have not confirmed their desire to represent the province, or who have indicated that they do not wish to participate, at the Atlantic Golf Championships will be removed from the Atlantic Golf Championships Points list and bypassed during the selection process.  

Exempt players who have not confirmed acceptance of their exemption by August 1st will forfeit their exemption and will see the exemption awarded to the next available participant.