History, Mission, Vision & Values

The New Brunswick Golf Association (NBGA), founded in 1934, is the official governing body for amateur golf in New Brunswick.  It is a non-profit organization created and controlled by golfers for the benefit of the game.  The Association is governed by a Board of Directors which is dedicated to promoting amateur golf in the Province.  the NBGA is comprised of forty seven (47) member clubs, approximately 12,000 individual members.  Through its programs and services, the NBGA strives to preserve the integrity of the game of golf and to make the game more enjoyable for all. 

The NBGA offers a full range of membership services to individuals and Clubs to promote and protect amateur golf in New Brunswick.  The quality of our programs is reflected in the success of our New Brunswick golfers on the provincial, national and international golf scene.  We believe all members take great pride and satisfaction in these successes and want to share in the cost and development of golf in New Brunswick.

Services that the NBGA provides:

Junior Golf Programs Coordinating Class II Tournament Schedules
Rules of Golf National Representation - RCGA
Provincial Tournaments Provincial Representation - NB Sports Branch
Course/Slope Rating Handicap Services
Scholarships Player of the Year Challenges
Provincial Teams Marketing of NB Golf Courses

We're here for you -- the golfers of New Brunswick.  Our programs and services could not exist without our membership



The mission of the New Brunswick Golf Association (NBGA) is to preserve, service, develop, promote and govern the game of golf in New Brunswick.



We will:

1. Seek to maximize the number of participants in golf at all levels and in all regions of New Brunswick.

2. Provide opportunities for all participants to reach their potential within the game.

3. Represent the interests of the New Brunswick Golf community within the National golf community and within the overall New Brunswick sport community.

4. Work to preserve the traditions and integrity of the game of golf.

5. Educate New Brunswickers on the role that golf plays toward the common good and general welfare of the people of New Brunswick.

6. Communicate the physical, mental and social benefits that golf affords to participants of all ages, genders and ability levels.

7. Promote New Brunswick as a top quality golf destination with the intent of maximizing revenues of member golf courses.

8. Preserve the fair and equitable nature of the game through the maintenance of rules and regulations of play and a system of handicapping and course rating, in accordance with RCGA guidelines.

9. Ensure that provincial championships are offered for the golfers of New Brunswick and that they are done so in accordance with the policies of the NBGA.



We value:

1. The dedication of the volunteer, the commitment of the sports officials and the diligence of the athlete in the pursuit of individual and collective excellence.

2. The development of the sport of golf through cooperation, leadership, volunteerism and education.

3. Openness and responsibility of Associations through being accountable and accessible to their member clubs and their members, and flexible and responsive to identified needs.

4. Honest, integrity and a sense of fair play as inherent attributes in the Sport of Golf and the cornerstone upon which all tasks and activities of the Association are completed.

5. Golf as the "Game of a Lifetime" with opportunities for individuals of all ages, gender and ability.

6. The role that golf plays within the New Brunswick Community, the National Community and within the career sport community.